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Suet Tips

Don Mould’s March Suet Tips
“Suet Is Like Pumpkin Pie For The Birds”

🐦Remember most birds love suet and it gives them the calories and energy they need as the nights get colder.
🐦Not feeding suet in November is like not serving pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving!
🐦In colder weather, feed suet in more than one location to encourage more activity. Make sure you put one close to the window so you can watch the birds as they feed!
🐦If feeding for the first time, smear the feeder with peanut butter and then press the seed in. Birds recognize the seed and then are attracted to the suet.

🐦Remember as the weather gets colder there are fewer insects for the birds to feed on – so the suet is a good replacement for them. The Brown Creeper is on of those insect eating birds that you will start to see feeding on your suet.
🐦Remember to join the Bird Seed Club and check out “A Word From The Birds” online at You can also find us on Facebook at Don Mould’s Plantation North Ridgeville or Don Mould’s Plantation Amherst.
🐦Suets have plenty of oily sunflower seeds in them. Using these with bring a wide variety of birds to feed.
🐦Remember The WATER!!! It may be cold outside, but hydration is important for all of us!