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Suet Tips

Don Mould’s March Suet Tips
“Suet; The Power Bar For The Birds”

🐦Remember the nights are still pretty cold and the birds still need those high-calorie, fatty suets to stay warm at night.
🐦Remember to hang your suet feeders where the birds can find them and you can see them. Hang one right on the tree truck to attract Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, and Creepers, these birds look for food on the trees bark.
🐦Remember too that suet last longer than loose seed and is easy to feed and that means you can spend more time watching and less time going out in the cold.
🐦Keep feeding those suets high in fat this month. You will switch to the no-melt dough suets when the weather gets warmer.
🐦Feeding suet with fruit in it will bring in the birds that eat fruit, like the Cedar Waxwings, and also the Robins. There are other birds that like fruit and you will see them come to feed at your fruit suet cakes. You may attract some fruit eaters that are just passing through also.
🐦Remember to join the Bird Seed Club and check out “A Word From The Birds” on line at You can also find us on face book at Don Mould’s Plantation North Ridgeville or Don Mould’s Plantation Amherst.
🐦Feeding suet in more than one location and using different flavors of suet in your feeders will bring more birds and more activity to your yard.
🐦Remember The Water!!!