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Feeding Tips

Don Mould’s March Feeding Tips
“Watch The Change At Your Feeders This Month”

👨‍🍳Increase Your Black-Oily Sunflower seed this month and cut back on the White Millet.
👩‍🍳Increase Your Black-Oily Sunflower seed to 75% and Decrease Your White Millet to 20% and keep Safflower and Shelled Peanuts a 5%.
👨‍🍳Just because spring is just around the corner it is still cold at night so provide seed late in the day and early in the morning to help the birds stay warm at night and get a burst of energy at dawn. Birds Need Food To Stay Warm!!!
👩‍🍳Sprinkle extra White Millet on the ground in a snow free area or on a ground tray feeder to feed the Juncos. Remember as the weather gets warmer you will see them less and less.
👨‍🍳I know it has been a long winter and you are getting tired of going out in the snow to fill your feeders so try using seed blocks. They last longer than regular seed and there is less waste with them. Pick blocks with lots of Black-Oily Sunflower seed in them. A good seed block will last a couple weeks.
👩‍🍳Do not forget about feeding Dried Meal Worms and Dried Fruit, the birds will love you for it. Feed these mixed in with your seed or by themselves. Use a Platform feeder for this. The Robins will love the added fruit!!
👨‍🍳Keep feeding the Nyjer seed. The Goldfinches are here all winter and they will be looking for this seed. You may see a Pine Siskin at your feeder. The Goldfinches also like Black-Oily Sunflower seed so feed this in a clinger style feeder for them. Watch as the yellow color gets brighter and brighter on the Goldfinches, they reach their full color in April.
👩‍🍳Do not forget to join our Bird Seed Club!! It is a great way to get free stuff!! Visit our web site at and check for specials, classes and sales that are going on at both stores. Look us up on face book at Don Mould’s Plantation North Ridgeville or Don Mould’s Plantation Amherst. Please Do Not Forget The Water!!!